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ENTERTAINMENT-Bachelorette Party
& Shows by Hunk-O-Mania
Bachelorette Party Show
Bachelorette Party Theme - Hunk-O-Mania Bachelorette Night
Last Saturday night my best friend Danielle had the best Bachelorette Party I have ever been to. Everything was exactly what we wanted for her last night out with the girls, and I want to tell you all about it.
The invitations had a picture of a gorgeous man with a beautiful body on the cover and all the party details were inside. Everyone was to meet at the maid of honor’s house (Danielle's sister) and we would be taken by limo to the first stop of the evening. It sounded like a lot of fun and I could hardly wait. We were going to have dinner and drinks at The Stanton Social all together and then walk over to the Hunk-O-Mania show right around the corner at Club Element in New York City.
A lot of us had never been to an All Male Strip club before so we were really excited and could not wait to see the show. We had heard a lot about Hunk-O-Mania but never had the chance to go...until now.
At dinner all the girls could talk about was the show we were about to see, so we finished up with our meals and toasted one more time to Danielle and hopped back into our Limo and left for Hunk-O-Mania. When we pulled up in front of the club a handsome host opened our limo's door and escorted us into the club-arm in arm with Danielle-her veil leading the way for us all.
We entered the club, it was really beautiful! The music was pumping and all you saw were shirtless men everywhere catering to all the ladies. Waiters serving drinks, other sexy men giving the girls massages...WOW! The show's sexy Host & MC greeted us and took us to our table where I arranged for Danielle to be brought up on stage in one of their signature "Hot Seats".
The show began with an awesome group routine with all the guys all over the room, then one gorgeous male dancer after another came out and disrobed down to a g-string revealing a beautifully sculpted physique. They were all so fine we could not believe it!
Then Danielle was called up on stage and all the Hunk-O-Mania male revue concentrated on dancing just for her right on stage! After the bride to be was thoroughly teased, the Hunk-O-Mania revue entertained the rest of the girls, shaking, strutting their stuff; teasing the crowd into a frenzy.
After the Hunk-O-Mania Hunks took their final bow, we all got together and took pictures with all the dancers, masseur's and waiter's up on the stage as a group, with Danielle sitting in the middle of all the men. The pictures will be a memory of all the fun we had together at Danielle's Bachelorette party. We all stayed on at ELEMENT for the club which opened up after the show was over, which was also really fun. What a night! At around 3:30am we all piled back into our limo and headed home...it was definitely the "Ultimate Bachelorette Party"!!!!
Hunk-O-Mania - The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Show in New York City
Address: Element Nightclub, 225 East Houston St. New York, NY 10002
Showtime: 9 to 11:00PM, Tickets: $25 (General), $45 (VIP)
Shows Sell Out in Advance - Call 1-866-872-4865 to reserve tickets by phone now!
Bachelorette Party Show
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