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ENTERTAINMENT-Bachelorette Party
& Shows by Hunk-O-Mania
Girls Night Out Connecticut

Best Dance Clubs for Bachelorette Parties in Atlantic City New Jersey!                You voted we counted!

2009 Our Bachelorettes' Winner-Best Club To Host a "Bachelorette Party" in Atlantic City, New Jersey Hunk-O-Mania . Shows from 9PM to 11:30PM.

Runner-Up: Mixx at the Borgata Hotel & Casino, Exclusive, spacious and perfect for bachelorette parties... Atlantic City's hottest Dance club, only 3 minutes from the Hunk-O-Mania Bachelorette Party Club... This dance club caters to bachelorette parties of all sizes. Doors Open @ 11:30PM for dancing, 'til...
For Free Passes to Mixx & Hunk-O-Mania Show Tickets Call: 1(609)345-6555

Best Dance Clubs for Bachelorette Parties in New York City!                               You voted we counted!

2009 Our Bachelorettes' Winner-Best Club To Host a "Bachelorette Party" in New York City, Manhattan Element

Element Exclusive, spacious and perfect for large parties...nominated by NYC Clubgoers as "The best dance club in New York City" - See the results: citysearch.com. Combines the comfort and exclusivity of a luxury lounge with the excitement and energy of Manhattan's hottest Dance club... This club caters to bachelorette parties of all sizes as they host a live show for bachelorettes every Fri. and Sat. from 9:00pm to 11:00pm.
For Tickets Call: 1(866)872-4865

2007 Audience Winner-Dance Club

Great music, happening scene...Very spacious, great for dancing and large bachelorette parties. NYC Avalon Nightclub

2008 Best Nominees-Lounge

Stylish Chelsea club for the young and well connected... Designed with high-class entertaining in mind, has small touches that elevate it over other lounges...not good for large parties. Marquee

2008 Best Nominees-New Club/Lounge

Hot New Club in New York City. Great decor, elegant and full of style. Great for dates...not good for large parties. The Vault

2008 Best Nominees-Runner Up Lounge

Wrangle your way past the highly selective door staff to bask in the postmodern space.  Moomia Lounge

2009 Best Nominees-New Lounge

Ella is filled with giant art deco pieces, red suede banquettes, black and white striped walls and gigantic houseplants, giving it a bit of a Tinseltown cheesiness... Ella

Places to Avoid - (Based on a recent poll)


2009 Not Recommended - for bachelorette parties

Stay Away!...Worst place for bachelorette parties in New York City...We hear the beds smell like vomit! Very uncomfortable seating...If you decide to go, don't use your credit card, they will overcharge you for drinks $16 + per drink plus mandatory 20% tip? Bad service and rude bouncers! Total Scam!!! Duvet

2009 Not Recommended-Dance Club

This could be a great venue for bachelorette parties but poor service makes it a waste of a great space! Pacha
The Hottest...Most Exciting Nightclub in
New York City!
If it's your job to throw her a Bachelorette party...make sure that her last night out as a single woman with the girls is a night she will never forget.
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